MS- Patch

MS-Patch is a concrete patching mortar custom blended to match the concrete products of our customers.  White patch for white concrete is available.

Easy to Use

Fast Setting

Concrete Repair Compound

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Product DESCription

MS-Patch is a fast setting cement based patching compound that requires only potable water for mixing. It achieves initial set within 8-12 minutes and final set in 20 minutes. After initial set, MS-Patch may be shaved to conform to the shape of the surface to which it is applied. MS-Patch will provide excellent flexural and bond strengths.

MS-Patch may be used for patching on overhead surfaces, horizontal and vertical surfaces, above or below grade without forming. It is used for repair and restoration of:

  • precast concrete panels
  • concrete pipe
  • castings
  • beams
  • curbs
  • concrete walls
  • bridges
  • driveways & sidewalks

Available In:

  • 10 LB Plastic Pail
  • 50 LB Plastic Pail

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