MS- Plug

MS-Plug is a fast setting hydraulic cement.

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Product  DESCription

MS-Plug is a cement-based hydraulic cement that is fast setting. It is used to instantly stop running water or seepage leaks in concrete or masonry. When mixed with clean potable water, STANDARD MIX sets in 3-5 minutes; HOT MIX sets in 45-90 seconds. 20 MINUTE MIX in approximately 20 minutes. Actual setting time depends on the temperature of the dry powder, mixing water, and the structure being patched. Cold temperatures will retard the setting time. Hot temperatures will accelerate it.

MS-Plug is used above or below grade, interior or exterior, to stop water seepage and flowing water in concrete and masonry. MS-Plug is an ideal patching materical for:

  • manholes
  • sewers
  • concrete pipe
  • wells
  • retaining walls
  • water treatment plants
  • tunnels
  • basements

Available In:

  • 10 LB Plastic Pail
  • 50 LB Plastic Pail

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